100 Miraculous Affirmations

Fasting Affirmations

Affirmations For Miracles 1. Miracles happen when I believe in the power of affirmations. 2. I attract miracles into my life with positive affirmations. 3. Every day is filled with miraculous opportunities waiting for me. 4. I am open and receptive to the miracles that come my way. 5. Miracles flow effortlessly into my life […]

100 Miraculous Morning Affirmations

Daily Affirmation For Women

The Miracle Morning Affirmations 1. “I am grateful for the opportunity to start each day with The Miracle Morning Affirmations.” 2. “I am committed to transforming my life through The Miracle Morning Affirmations.” 3. “I embrace the power of positive affirmations in The Miracle Morning routine.” 4. “I am worthy of success and abundance in […]

100 Affirmations for a Miraculous Morning

Good Self Affirmations

The Miracle Morning Bedtime Affirmation – Quotes The Miracle Morning Bedtime Affirmation Here are 100 quotes to inspire and motivate you before bedtime: 1. “I am grateful for another day filled with endless possibilities.” 2. “I release all negative thoughts and embrace positivity as I drift to sleep.” 3. “Every night, I let go of […]