100 Narcissist Quotes

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Narcissist Quotes 1. “A narcissist will always make everything about themselves.” 2. “The true face of a narcissist is a mask of arrogance and entitlement.” 3. “Narcissists see themselves as superior beings, above everyone else.” 4. “Beware the charm of a narcissist, for it is only a facade hiding their true intentions.” 5. “Narcissists thrive […]

The 100 Most Narcissistic Quotes

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Narcissist Quotes 1. “A narcissist’s ego is as fragile as glass, constantly needing validation and admiration.” 2. “Beware the charm of a narcissist, for it is but a mask to hide their true intentions.” 3. “In the world of a narcissist, everything revolves around them.” 4. “Narcissists are masters of manipulation, using others as pawns […]